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There are many different types of fan: ID (Induced Draft) fan and FD (Forced Draft) fan coupled with the drive motor serviced in various plant on their process. e.g Power, Cement, Steel, Refinery, Chemical, Paper, Milling, Incinerator, Marine and Gas turbine industries.

The design will follow the operation condition (e. g Volume flow, Speed, Pressure, Temperature, the Composition of media etc.), and the site area. Each fan has their owned characteristic, performance, require efficiency and control system. Each manufacturer may design the fan upon their philosophe and previous experience. Therefore, the final product may show the different size and performance. Of course, the cost may influence the offer. But the mainly components should be included:

  • Fan Housing

  • Rotor and Bearings

  • Coupling

  • Motor

  • Lubricating oil units

There are three basic standards of the fan serviced in the application :

  • Single or multiple stage centrifugal fan
  • Double inlet centrifugal fan
  • Axial Flow impulse fan

The other parts (e.g diffuser, silencer, damper etc.) will be depending on the customer requirement.

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