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The function of Deaerator is to remove dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other non-condensable gas from boiler feed water, for preventing corrosion the boiler tube.


The boiler feed water pump will inject the heating water, through the inlet of deaerator header into the prime element in the vent condenser zone. The spray valve will self-adjusting the incoming water, the droplet will flow down to the tray bank on the surface.


The counter flow of steam contact this droplets, the raising of gas bubbles make the oxygen removed completely. The excess air will discharge through the vent valve on the top of header, this arrangement provides additional retention time to allow final oxygen strip by the purest steam.


Water will fall into the storage tank and ready for feed water pump use to the boiler circulation.


According to the Henry’s Law: Pa=XaHa(T) developed the principle of Deaeration in 1801 (William Henry didn’t mention how to make deaerator), and HEI standard in 1992 for deaerator. There are many manufactures developed their technology and know-how to achieve this goal.


Basically, there are two type of deaerator can be select use on the operation:

  • Tray type Deaerator

  • Spray type Deaerator


Each type deaerator has their capacity and operation limited on the process, the design will be depend on the customer specification, flow configuration, performance, budget and requirements.


On-site commissioning, start-up, maintenance and repair works at the jobsite, Turnkey service are also available to our customers.

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