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Fly Ash Material Handling

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We serve the power industry worldwide with conveying systems for bulk materials such as ash, coal, sand and limestone, complimented by our injection and air pollution control technology. Our specialized expertise in pneumatic conveying utilizes both positive and negative pressure, dense and lean phase conveying techniques.


The Dense-Phase family offers solutions for different applications handling of fly ash from electrostatic precipitators filters, fabric filters, economizers, and air heater hoppers can be carried out by using one of our Materials Handling specifically designed pressure vessel systems to convey the material up to and above 1000m into a storage silo.


Our Dense-Phase family provides a range of pressure pneumatic conveying system. The Dome Valve® pioneered the use of an inflatable pressure tight seal arrangement that became its hallmark. The Dome Valve® commonly provides up to 1,000,000 machine operating cycles between major overhauls with the only maintenance generally being a seal change once per year. Totally unrestricted bore material flow is assured throughout the full range of 50-500 mm diameter by the unique design of the ‘dome’ assembly. This eliminates the common problems of bridging and blocking.

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