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Wet Bottom Ash Converyor (SCC)

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The traditional method of discontinuous ash removal, like with water-impounded hopper systems, should nowadays be no longer an option due to their many disadvantages and high maintenance demands.


If a decision is made to adopt wet bottom ash handling, we strongly recommend the continuous removal technology due to reduced water usage, power consumption, process complexity as well as lower operational and maintenance costs.


Our Submerged Scraper Conveyor (SSC) is used for the continuous removal of boiler bottom ash from conventional pf-fired boilers and is particularly suited when high ash rates and large lumps are expected. The SSC is capable of quenching and transporting over 100 tons/hour of ash and offers greater energy efficiency than hydraulic systems of comparable capacity.


The ash is transported using double roll crushers to feed the ash either to a slurry or disposal system, or onto belt conveyors for onward transfer. This technology can adopt single or twin hydraulic or electro-mechanical drives to suit the application or customer requirements. Trial assembly prior to shipment can ensure a seamless installation program avoiding timely delays in rework. Typical SSC installation.


A heavy duty chain conveyor is submerged in a water trough below the furnace which quenches hot ash as it falls from the combustion chamber and removes the wet ash continuously by a de-watering slope before onward discharge into mechanical conveyors or directly to storage silos. Slide discharge gates can be optionally fitted depending on the application requirements and removable or static conveyors can be engineered to suit boiler geometry or operator requirements.

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