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Dry Bottom Ash Converyor (Drycon)

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With environmental protection regulations getting tougher worldwide, in order to save precious water, reduce emissions and return heat energy to the boiler resulting in lower coal usage, and so with lower costs for emission control, our dry bottom ash handling solution is established, and also offer you the benefits include the power consumption, protection of the environment (without large of ash pond and long transfer piping for storage), elimination of energy wastage from profitable ash quality and capitalizing on rising ash demand by industry, as well as profit from significant lower life-cycle costs compared to wet ash handling.


DRYCON can be retrofitted into existing applications where space is at a premium therefore contributing to the continued life span of the power generation facility.


The dry type bottom ash conveyor will be replaced the most of the wet type conveyor system applied from the coal-fired boilers or waste-to-energy plants. The equipment of revamping will be become the further important project to the power plant and many industry for application.

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