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We can offer Flaps, Louvers, and Guillotines dampers service in any application. e.g. Power, HSRG, Refinery, Chemical plant, Cement etc. Each of these components is designed to stand up to the harsh environment of the FGD and SCR service.


Weoffers a variety of solutions for FGD Bypass Louver Dampers and Guillotines. The dampers can be service in the severe circumstance on the plant, we can supply in a variety of alloys and seal arrangements to meet any application.


The innovative patented 4-port diverter system is an excellent solution for providing a SCR Bypass System. This system is comprised of a self-contained housing with an inlet port from the boiler, a SCR bypass port, SCR return port, and an exit port to the air heater.


The 4-port diverter contains only two (2) single blade flap dampers.


This diverter provides SCR online or bypass functions, with flow modulation and 100% isolation in the flap end positions. Since the flaps rotate out of the gas path there is reduced system pressure drop and abrasion to the equipment in comparison to louver dampers.

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