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Our burner range covers a wide range of fuels: Solid, Liquid and Gaseous. The complete control systems and supply stations complement the product range are widely serviced in the Steel and Cooper & Lime industry, EAF, Gas turbine, heavy oil injection, and coal gasification process.



When developing low calorific gas burners, the utilization of process gases was important to us. The patented burner technology has a large control range combined with low emissions. The burners are more than compliant with all the emission figures set out in the TA-Luft (Germany‘s air pollution law).



We make a contribution to the cost-effectiveness of your production through optimized combustion of low calorific process gases. The products convince by virtue of their wide control range and a calm, stable combustion pattern. Fuel combinations and/or flame characteristics are tailor-made. Special designs are available on request.


Our burners in cast or welded design provide you with proven technique for your heating requirements. The flame geometry can be matched to your requirements. The standard burners are complemented by a range of appropriately matched accessories for fuel and air. The control system, fitted with its own control unit, can be integrated into the DCS.


The capability to produce functions for lance manipulators.Manipulators can be equipped with several lances, with water-cooled supersonic lances or with self-absorbing blower lances according to the requirements.


Only if the temperature is measured or the sample taken at exactly the same spot in the steel melt can this data be valid and verifiable. This precision applies equally to the introduction of additives required for metallurgical purposes and for the desired slag formation.


In close collaboration with the customer, a team of experienced engineers takes care of the individual design. Qualified commissioning experts monitor assembly and repairs and are the guarantors of reliable system function.


Across the world, reputable steel makers For example, the first burner lance for the FINEX reduction process came from our company. We are renowned for the reliability of our products, which are designed for smelting works. With installations in more than 2.500 plants, we are totally familiar with the steel manufacturing process and are aware of the special requirements in this area. This is why our L-HOB combination lances for heating and metallurgical oxygenation offer outstanding oxygen supply rates and a long life cycle.

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