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Shell and tube heat exchangers are widely used in various process and industry for many years. e.g Power, Refinery, Chemical, Incinerator, Pulp and paper plants etc. All the design, manufacture, construction and performance should be following the Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) standard and regulation to execute the progress.


There are two mainly points will be involving the design and manufacturing:


1. On the Process
  • Fluid category.
  • Steam temperature and properties.

  • Pressure drop.

  • Velocity.

  • Heat transfer coefficient, corrosion and fouling parameters.


2. On the Mechanical parts
  • Layout, pass and zone.

  • Tube material, diameter, thickness, length, pitch and clearance.

  • Shell material, diameter, thickness, length. Baffle pitch, spacing, bundle, nozzles.

  • Tube sheet clearances, thermal expansion and other parameters.


Enable to achieve the best solution and optimum thermal design, the capable of software shall be use to assist designer on the calculation. The final of an appropriate design result should be considered cover all risk and critical application.


There are many owned ASTM “U” stamp manufacturer who have the ability to do the design, fabrication, production, construction and installation works in Taiwan, but limitation service in the low pressure vessel. Almost all the high pressure vessel are imported and supplied from the foreign manufacturers (e.g boiler feed water heater).


Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA) has many heat exchanger designed. Different layout and types can be provided to the customer and manufacture for evaluation. About the operation of the heat exchange project, customer can provide the process, data information and requirement to manufacture, in order they can under their experience and databases make the correct selection and determination.

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