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The economizer is design to reduce boiler fuel consumption by efficiently removing waste heat from the flue gas and returning the heat to the feed water system for the energy saving.

The Economizer is widely use on the processing in the Power, Cogeneration, Petroleum, Chemical, Marine, food, textiles industries installed in a bypass configuration.


The construction of economizer will concern various parameters, including of the installation space, operating temperatures, fuel consumption, performance etc.


Many place can be installed the economizer for the application. e.g the location on the top of heater, stack, flue gas duct, bypass duct (down flow/up flow), or mounting between boiler and stack on ground level. the location has many selects, the outdoor or indoor type, the horizontal or vertical installation depend on the plant factors.


The heavy duty of steel casing and the solid of steel frame and tube sheet provide helically-wound fine tube and square plate fine tube bundles can be fixed on it. The removable design can be customized made per customer requirement.


The manifold area for can be provided an access and safety door for inspection and repair during the maintenance.


We provides the heat recovery solution, and the unique design double ’H’ finned tubes are using the high resistance welded finning machine and technology. the steel fine are welded onto two tubes instead of one, the extend of more heating surface, means, the more transfer area improve the cleaning efficiency and performance during the operation. The tube surface is robust and adaptable with great rigidity, reduced the number of steel supports, thereby producing a more compact economizer size, as the cost saving and effective.


Due to reduce the size, the low pressure drop will result in lower operation cost, and the pressure loss will result in reduced combustion air and induced draught fan parasitic loads. The saving power consumption can be increasing the revenue benefit to our customer

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