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Air Cooler Condenser (ACC)

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The air-cooled condenser design are used in many refinery/chemical/petrochemical plants, the boiler, steam generator and steam turbine–generator system for the operation based on the heat transfer coefficients, the dimensional and design data, performance and cost.

The detailed calculations had to be made to determine the effects of items such as temperatures and quantities as well as flue gas characteristics, permissible loss of pressure and specified heat transfer values, also the air side pressure drop and fan horsepower, which had a very large impact on operating and investment cost.


An air-cooled condenser typically of the A-frame design, both the condensing vapor and condensate flow together down insides the tubes. Piping also connects the two outlet headers together, allowing vapor to pass from one side to the other as well as the condensate to be collected. Because the external surfaces of the finned tubes on the air-cooled condenser are prone to fouling, an effective cleaning system is required.


The vapor rise up into the tube banks from the outlet headers while the condensate flows back down to these headers so that it can be collected and withdrawn. Meanwhile, the upper end of the tubes in these sections are connected to their own headers, which are also provided with steam jet air ejectors for the removal.


The finned tubes are necessary because of the low thermal conductivity, low density and low heat capacity of air. The larger surface area required to obtain a given heat removal rate, there is an increasing with the design ambient air temperature, also means that the footprint of air-cooled condensers is larger than their water cooled equivalents. The use of a range of finned tube profiles is the basis for custom-designed geometries which suit varying waste gas requirements.


To bring these parameters in line, our engineering has to be meticulous. A variety of structural shapes – from finned tubes to the arrangement of air coolers to the design of ventilators – allow us to find an optimal solution even for individual customer requirements and structural shapes made to specification. Different finned tube geometries are available depending on the area of application.


We are characterized by their patented welding technology and spiral-finned tubes for maximum heat transfer. A continuous metallic weld between fins and tube produces a better heat transfer whereby the economizers can be used in waste heat plants at temperatures of up to 600°C.


We design and produce air-cooled vacuum and excess pressure condensers that, for example, are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries worldwide. Cooling power, compression ratios, ambient temperature, noise protection directives and available footprint make specific demands on the plant and have its capacity.

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