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Electrostatic Precipitator / Bag Filter

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Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment has a wide variety of applications.


 The facilities shall be operate in compliance with EPA regulation, also the services shall be depend on the plant requirements, recover valuable by-products etc.



Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) is a high efficiency particulate removal device that collects suspended particulate matter from high temperature combustion or process gas streams. The electrostatic precipitator works by first charging the particulate matter entrained in the gas stream with high voltage discharge electrodes (DE), and then electrostatically influencing those particles to oppositely charged collecting plates (CE) within the ESP.


Our Precipitator incorporates state-of-art design elements consisting of the discharge electrodes, the collecting plates, the rapping systems and the microprocessor based automatic voltage controls to provide unsurpassed emissions performance and equipment operating characteristics.


The discharge electrodes have successfully demonstrated excellent performance characteristics over a wide variety of applications and performance requirements. The electrode is fabricated from tubing with uniformly spaced corona studs welded along the length of the electrode to optimize the voltage/current relationship required for each application. Assembled into the precipitator as a rigid structural matrix, the system has sufficient stiffness to resist displacement due to electrical forces and lateral forces resulting from over-full hoppers.


The collecting electrode was specifically developed to achieve exact plate alignment and structural integrity necessary for today’s challenging applications, yet still provide excellent rapping response for dislodging the collected particulate. Extensive testing and broad application have demonstrated its superior ability to transmit rapping energy and its clean ability under all types of service and plate heights. The plate is comprised of a series of roll formed modules with interlocking edges that snap securely together for a strong mechanical bond. The design requires no field assembly and prevents deformation and oil-canning which occurs when individual panels are welded together along their vertical height.


We can offer a variety of rapping system options. In each case, the entire rapping system is located outside the gas stream and can achieve plate acceleration in excess of 200g. weoffers an array of microprocessor based controls for its precipitator system. The automatic voltage power controller and the rapping system controller are the latest in a series of state-of-the-art features

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