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The soot blower is common installed on the Power and Cogeneration plant (Utility Boiler), Refinery and Petrochemical plant (Heater) and other Industry plants (e.g Incinerator, Pulp & paper, Biomass boiler) which it used the Coal, Oil or multiple source as the fuel to produce the steam for the energy application.


The basic function of the soot blower is to clean up the heating surfaces where the combustion of flue gas particle is sticking on the boiler tube. By using the steam, air or water from the nozzle head at the end of a lance tube, the steam jets to the boiler tube keep the surface of boiler wall clean, and optimum the heat transfer makes the boiler output efficiency.


There are various type of soot blower is properly to select:







The Blowing Medium System may be used by air, saturated or superheated steam, or water through the design nozzle and adjustment pressure up to 8 bar. Both retractable /rotary soot blowers can do highly effective cleaning to the boiler tube.


The blowing valves’ open and closes are controlled by a sequence of PLC control or DCS control from the local panel. The swirling and the blowing steam medium gives maximum cooling effect on the lance tube which lends to long service life.


A traveling carriage rotates and directs the lance tube; a motor moves the blowing lance tube in and out of the boiler chamber. The mechanism includes the lance tube, carriage and drive motor. The carriage swings and loads the soot blowers’ capacity. The rack and rail type of driven design can make the mechanism move very stable and avoid the troublesome during the operation.


The typical blower operation begins with the soot blower in the front position.When power is energized the panel, the first unit of soot blower; the drive motor,will start the cleaning cycle.


The carriage will move the lance tube forward and touch the front limit switch.The signal will feedback to the control panel then the blower valve will open. The steam and medium will jet into the feed tube and then the carriage will forward and carry the lance tube along the rails located on the side of a beam into the boiler.


While the carriage reaches the rear limit switch, the signal will feedback to the control panel and the lance tube will reverse and backward. When it reaches the front limit switch, the signal from control panel will instruct the carriage to stop and return to the front position. In the meantime, the blow valve will close and the sequence will shut down. 
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