Our History


The company history should be traced back to a joint venture company named Hold Longterm Enterprise Co., Ltd. (HLECO) was found by the director Mr. Daniel Tseng in 1981 (35 years ago). The business was first started up from the import industry products of Sootblower (as the Bergemann/Germany Agent in Taiwan), Piping and Valves for supplying to the local customer.

Within 1987 -2000, because of the two Naphtha cracking projects constructed in Taiwan. e.g.(CPC No.5, 1987 -1990), (FPC No.6, 1994-1998 ), the whole island had the first evolution from the farming society into the heavy industry. for focusing on two major of the petroleum and chemical plants projects, HLECO had involved in many products like Sootblower, the pressure vessel and piping construction works for supplying the equipment from the a.m order. Also, we are supplying many raw material and spare parts to the various down steam relative pant and EPC contractors under these two expansion project.

During the project execution, due to the shortage of electricity and the increase of Power consumption, it forced TPC had to build the new power plant or retrofit the existing power plant in order to enlarge their capacity to fulfill the energy requirement. For saving the energy and cost down on the production, many private IPP and Cogeneration plants are constructed in the down steam petrochemical plant and the Paper and Pulp industries.With the new and more strictly EPA standard, many plants which owned an old boiler and environment equipment, e.g EP, Bag Filter, FGD of revamping project were forced to design and rebuild widely.

Since the more heavy work and new prosperity of industries projects, our customers requested HLECO enlarge the scope of service, not only to supply and deliver the equipment of importation, but also to handle the equipment of installation, construction and performance grantee works. The extension of the scope and works made HLECO overloaded the jobs and required to increase the capital. for this purpose, Uni-World (UWEC) was established in 1996 take over the HLECO. the Director decided to do more engineering works and construction capabilities in order to develop the local marketing and business opportunities to match the customer’s requirements.

Uni-World Engineering Co., Ltd.
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