Our Abilities

Uni-World Engineering Co., Ltd.


Has many affiliated factories in Kaohsiung, UWEC has worked on construction such as: Sootblower, Air preheater, Heat Exchange, Cold box (ASU), Tank and Pressure Vessels, Air pollution control equipment, Piping and Furnace ling for the boiler services….


Our well-trained engineers have great experience in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical engineering backgrounds.They are well known about the customer's location, plant of processing and operation. It is very easily for us to assist our customer to gather the required suitable equipment and source, providing the manufacturer's technical data for their evaluation.

Due to the convenience of our location, UWEC office located in the center of Industrial city Kaohsiung in Taiwan. the officer can be arrive at any plant of site within 30 minutes, and quickly response our customer's questions, because of their professional technology or experience. They can solve the equipment problem in the field about operation, construction and maintenance with no problem.


If not, UWEC can provide the best service to contact our foreign manufacturer for consulting the technical information feed back to our customer quickly.We can provide efficiency and accuracy due to our strong team-works.

Uni-World Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • 167, Wu-Han Street, Kaohsiung 80274, Taiwan, R.O.C
  • TEL / +886-7-751-1899   FAX / +886-7-721-8370
  • E-MAIL / danny.tseng@uwec.com.tw
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