Our Business

Join our oversea Manufacturers, we know how to operate and manage the projects. Especially in the procedure on the local tender for purchasing the equipment from to our oversea customer.

We also had various international business and oversea project development experience. e.g. Scarp processing plant, Low cost housing, Economic Free Trade Zone…etc. the project schemed in the Papua New Guinea, Palau, Costa Rica, Cyprus, China, Vietnam.


Not only the raw material trading business, but also the energy saving and Environment equipment, we are approaching and involving the various projects on Power and Steel plant now. e.g. revamping the boiler efficiency and improving the air cleaning system (DeNox) in Taiwan.


Uni-World has representative and business contacted with Europe and U.S.A. manufacturers as following:

  • Clyde Bergemann Power Group. (CBPG)

  • Delta Oil International.(Deltaoil)

  • Biotec Photochemistry Inc. (BPC)


In 2008, UWEC joined with Delta Oil International from Sweden, and has undertaken the oil trade and storage depots business in Asia. Delta oil helped UWEC to integrate activities of both companies under the platform deliver in each technology and experience to be a Consortium and to be core activities in oil, gas and energy.


In 2013, UWEC engaged with Biotec Photochemistry Inc (BPC) working together, we provided the Rapid diagnostic cassette tester and Quantitative test Reader technology on the Human Blood for sampling and analyzing, in order to achieve defending disease e.g.Anti-AIDS, Anti-Syphilis, Anti-HBV, Anti-HCV enable to improve the human against the illness and infections on the Africa countries.


The current business are involved with the three selection made by UWEC, Industry, Oil transaction and Bio-Chemistry technology. And each segment works with their own project independently.


UWEC has now grown up and upgraded their previous experience. Not only for aiming the local market, but also the international market. Step by step, with vision and strategy, we will seek for potential items and project then secure it's triumph.We will strengthen our resources and experiences, aiming to the limited marketing and opportunity to be on the prosperous future.


Uni-World Engineering Co., Ltd.
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